A Beginner’s Guide: Steps For A Successful Barbecue!

Invited friends to your house? Planning some outdoor moments in your backyard? So, while you have been planning all day long to find out ways to make it exciting enough, you must have definitely given barbecue a though, isn’t it? Well, everything just seems to be incomplete without a proper barbecue! While you are all set, with your barbecue set, ready to grill, you are really terrified by the thought of what’s going to happen when you grill. You must be a really good chef, but when it’s time for a barbecue, it is just not a joke if you are not aware of how to do it properly.

Going Back To The History!


Have you ever spared a minute for thinking how the concept actually evolved? Well, before answering that it is to inform you that the concept of barbecue is very different in different countries. While the process may be same but the cooking items used or the way it is being cooked is a bit different. Okay, let us go on a tour to the United States and let the year be 1500. Well, this is the time when pork was introduced to the American. Americans out there do thank the Spanish for that!

However, while the Spanish might have introduced it but the credit for the slow, smoky cooking techniques still rests with the Americans, more specifically to the Carribean. Now, when another part called basting became an addition to the process, the Africans introduced it to the Americans.  Thus, a whole meal was assembled then and there followed by three things- pork, smoke, and basting- which gave rise to the American barbecue concept. However, over the period of years along with the aspect of evolutions, foods evolved too, and in today’s world, all form of meat gets a barbecued touch.

Types Of Barbecue

Before moving on the techniques of doing a perfect barbecue, let us highlight a bit on the two different types of barbecue system and their features- charcoal barbecue and gas barbecue.

Charcoal Barbecue

 charcoal grill

  • You can get this type of barbecue from a wide range of price. So choose your barbecue accordingly based on the charcoal grill tool as well as the different features that come along with it
  •  Heat is maximum here, so depending on your cooking item it can be a pro as well as a con
  •  You need to lit it manually and before the cooking process, preheat it for at least 20 minutes
  •  Cleaning- well ashes can be a mess at times
  • But the delicious smoky taste is guaranteed
  • Maintaining an optimum temperature is tough
  • Experience the real barbecue process with fire

Gas Barbecue


  • ü Expensive compared to the previous barbecue system
  • ü Durability may be a question
  • ü Cleaning is very easy and simple
  • ü Based on your range, the smoky option can be chosen
  • ü Very convenient for instant use

Process Of Barbecue

So, all set? Gained enough knowledge about the barbecue process? Time to just rock this platform! Follow the process, and you can just present the perfect dish.

  •  Okay, so let us stick to the authentic and traditional mode of the barbecue process. And what is this? No doubt charcoal barbecue. So the first step is clearing all the ashes from your previous session and just make it ready
  •  The next step, well get your chimney starter, keep the lid open and just lit it. Your charcoal grill is lit up. Well, make sure you are not using lighter fluid for a charcoal barbecue. Why? Well, you would never want your smoky flavors to turn to a chemical one, isn’t it? Preheat for a minimum of 20 minutes and you are all set
  •  Once the preheating part is complete, you need to get rid of goo. So using a brush made up of brass, just scrape out the grate before you start grilling. Use this brush again during and after the entire grilling session is over.
  •  Now it is the time for grilling. So initiate this process by oiling the grate with the help of oil paper and tongs. Make sure that the bars are oiled too. While the need is using oil, the smoking temperature of which is pretty high, canola oil can be a good option for you
  •  When everything is done and set, you are sure to get the best-barbequed food, with the long lines and without the chance of sticking too.

barbecue meat

Isn’t it pretty simple? Well, when you are just all set, it is the time to decide what should be grilled. When it is about barbecue, the first, and the most obvious option that instantly pops into the mind is meat. So, whether it is pork or beef or chicken, you need large pieces to get good chunks to eat later on. But, have you ever thought of giving a try to veggies? They are damn easy to make. So, as long as you don’t try, you won’t understand how simple it can be. Anyway, from Salmons to grilled pizzas, name anything, and you can just have the best platter.

barbecue vegetables grill vegetables

Giving It The Perfect Shot!

Now you know the process of barbecue. So, what’s more? Are there any other tricks that can come handy while you are giving your first shot? Definitely yes! Note them down.

  •  Say no to fork. Use tongs or spatula whichever is applicable when you have to turn the item during your cooking process. This will lock the juices and prevent it from losing
  •  Squeezing while grilling cannot be done
  •  To get an intense smoky flavor, soak the wood pieces in water that you’ll be using, for sometime
  • When you are using herbs, heat it up in the charcoal to help the flavors get infused
  •  Basting should always be the last step

Have you ever thought that doing barbecue is just so simple? Follow the process and the tips; grilling is going to be just perfect. And as long as you keep on enjoying your food, the barbecue will always be a fun and exciting affair!


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