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Charcoal Grill Tool Set 24pcs in aluminum case

24pcs bbq tool set in aluminum case 24pcs charcoal grill set aluminum case

Basically, when using a gas or charcoal grill, you’ll need specialized tools that can withstand high temperatures that are produced by these cookwares. Typically, they can easily damage your ordinary tongs, knife, corn holders, or even spatula. As such, it’s vital that next time you think of preparing a barbecue for your family and friends, you arm yourself with the proper hardware.

With this in mind, we introduce to you a novel set of tools, the all in one charcoal grill tool set. Generally, the set has got an assemblage of high-quality equipment that is meant to make your outdoor cooking prestigious and safe. Besides, it boasts of pocket-friendly prices that you’ll find most reasonable. So, if you’ve been experiencing disappointments with different BBQ grill tools, then your odyssey ends today.

The 24 Pieces Charcoal Grill Tool Set Review

Well, as already stated, this attractive set has an assemblage of instruments that can withstand the high heat produced by all charcoal grills. And, what’s catchy about our particular set is that it comes in a sturdy long-lasting case for security.

Usually, the various sets include several pieces as per the user’s preference. But today, our post covers the charcoal grill 24 pieces in an aluminum casing.

Top Features

Utensils Comprised

Primarily, the most compelling feature of this charcoal grill set is the collection of equipment that’s inclusive. And they include;

One piece BBQ Tongs

The 41 cm tongs that are in this set are sturdy and easy to use. As we can all agree, first tongs ought to be great multitaskers. They should be able to allow you to support a plate of ribs once they’re prepared, transfer chicken from the grill to a plate, and aid in turning delicate veggies. And, these tongs don’t disappoint. They are typically synthesized using top-quality stainless steel material to ensure they can withstand the high heat of the charcoal grill.

Besides, what sets these tongs apart from many others in the market is their excellent construction of delicate heads and long handles that are perfect for gripping. Furthermore, they have a good feel to the hand when operating them on your grill.

BBQ Spatula

Similarly, the spatula is made 45 cm long with a specially crafted head that boasts of a reliable wideness for flipping even the biggest buggers. Its serrated cutting edge is equal to any steak knife and is perfect for slicing open your meat or scraping it from a sticky grate. Moreover, the handles are made longer and carefully rolled to ensure they don’t bend when under heavy loads.

Besides, they’ve got a heat resistant top grade stainless steel to ensure that they can withstand the high temperatures of the charcoal grill. And, the metal ring at the edge of the handle makes them simple to hang.

6 Pieces Steak Knives and Forks

Made of stainless steel material this exceptional set includes six top steak knives and forks that boast of 22.5 cm and 22 cm lengths respectively. Apparently, the steak knives feel light in hand but are actually quite sturdy and cannot easily bend or break when in use.

As we can all agree, steak requires tender cuts to ensure the best roasting over a grill. As such, these steak knives are gently crafted to make sure that they give an exceptional steak cutting experience. And, the forks for holding your steak in place have well-spaced slots, sharp tines, and feel great on the bare hand.

Copper Brush

Besides, the basting copper brush is made lengthy to ensure you can gain leverage as you spread your sauce. Primarily, the heads of the copper bristle are gently created to allow amazing and smooth spreading of sauce. Also, they are deeply anchored in the handle thus are less likely to shed.

Moreover, its handle is made robust to ensure it does not bend when working it. What makes this brush unique are the copper bristles that cannot rust and thus cannot contaminate your dish.

Other included items

– Four pieces kebab, 41 cm length

– One piece BBQ knife, 40 cm length

– One piece BBQ fork, 42.5 cm length

– One piece brush 45 cm length

– 1 piece salt box, 6.5 cm length

– One piece pepper box 6.5 cm length

High-Quality Aluminum Case

Also, this multi-function charcoal grill tool set comes with an exceptional aluminum case. What’s unique about this distinct case is that it is briefcase made with dual latches and handle for easy transport. Besides, the inside has various sections for easy organization of your tools. And, it’s durable aluminum cover promises long service of protecting your hardware.

Case Dimensions

– 49 cm long, 26 cm wide, 8 cm thick

Easy to Clean Tools

Also, cleaning these tools is quite simple. Their professional grade stainless steel material is synthesized to ensure that your cleaning will only involve simple wipes. Besides, the whole set has dishwasher-safe grilling tools that won’t bend or break as you wash.

Excellent Gift

Finally, this set makes the best gift pack for your loved ones. Whether they are professional cooks, a grilling enthusiast dad who enjoys a good weekend grill, or your best friend who just bought a charcoal grill, this premium set will certainly make their day.


Well, this charcoal grill tool set is a must have for any grilling enthusiast. In a nutshell, the set has premium accessories that are synthesized using professional grade heavy duty stainless steel. Besides, what sets this package apart from others in the market is that it includes a pepper and salt box as add-ons. And, you only require making a shallow dig into your pocket to acquire one. So, if you are planning on inviting your friends or loved ones for a barbecue soon, then make sure that you include the 24 pieces charcoal grill tool set as part of your outdoor cooking accessories today!