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how to choose best barbecue tool set

A GUIDE to buying the best barbecue set

There are a number of determinants worth cosidering when you decide to buy a barbecue set, and with thousands of sets out there in the market, settling on one is not an easy task. There are two main types of barbecue sets that are available; a gas and charcoal barbecue set, and it would be good to know which of the two you would prefer. Both gas and charcoal sets have different features and the price difference is huge. If you are buying your first set and you have a small budget, the charcoal barbecue set is the best one to begin with as they are fairly priced. Another important point to note is that the bigger the set, the more it costs and it is also good to know how many people you will be hosting, and the outdoor space that is at your disposal. If you have limited outdoor space, a portable and lightweight barbecue set would be the ideal choice, while if you have a larger space, a bigger set would be appropriate.
Here are some of the key things to consider when choosing the best set for you.

Charcoal or gas?
If you plan on cooking fast and impromptu grills, the gas barbecue would work well with you as it heats up fast and can cook even in cold, chilly or windy weather. If you host a lot of parties and family get together’s in which time is not a factor, the charcoal barbecue set would be your best choice. Charcoal grills are also easier to transport in case you decide to go camping or spend a day at the beach compared to gas sets.

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Barbecue sets vary widely in price, but there is a set for every budget. The cheapest models are usually constructed from cheap materials and you should be wary of those as they tend to break down pretty fast. The more expensive ones on the other hand are built with more durable materials and will be of service to you for years to come. You need not break your bank for a good barbecue set though, as there are quite a number that are fairly priced and quality.

It is never worth buying too much of something that you will not need and this applies to barbecue sets as well. Pick the right size that will be sufficient for your purpose. For example, if you plan to host around 4 people. a barbecue set with a surface area of approximately 1800cm square will do the job, for 6 people 2000-2500cm square is enough. Choose the barbecue set size depending on its use.

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What will you be cooking most?
If you will be roasting a lot, both gas and charcoal barbecue sets are capable of giving you great roasts, but you will need to pick a model that has a tight-fitting lid. This goes a long way in maintaining flavour and also ensuring that your meat is evenly grilled. Some gas barbecue sets come with a hot plate, griddle and a standard grill. These are great features that give you more variety especially if you plan on searing steaks, frying lean cuts of meat or even frying eggs.

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Some barbecue sets can take a lot of your time to assemble. So if you are not a handyman, you can always go for a set that is pre-assembled thus saving you time and headache. Also check out the models with wheels as this feature is convenient when moving your set from point A to B.